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Welcome to Hunting Dogs Reviews where you can find out valuable information about the most popular hunting dogs used for all types of hunting. General facts about the dog breeds can be found here and also other information such as the origin of the hunting hounds, not to mention pictures with of the dogs.

You don't know what type of dog to use for a specific type of hunting? This is the place to find out which is the most suitable one as we have divided the hounds in categories. Check out the left menu to find them.

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If you were wondering how some dog breeds were created we have information about each hound regarding what dogs were crossed in order to create it. Besides this, we offer some advice regarding ways of brushing their coat, how much exercise they need and other things like these.

Feel free to come visit us every time you have a few moments to spare and we are sure you won't regret the time you will spend with us. Tell your friends to come and visit Hunting Dogs Reviews as well and spread the word about your favorite hunting dogs site!

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