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September 28, 2009

Plott hound mix hunting for a new home

Posted in: News

The Pet of the Week at Fannin County Animal Control is a male Plott hound mix with a calm, friendly demeanor.

Animal control officer Jeff Ferguson said he hopes the dog will be reclaimed by its owner, who may live near the Pinetree Drive area in Epworth where the dog was recently found.

“You could say this is a hunting dog hunting a new home,” Ferguson said. “He’s got a good disposition and is very calm.”

The dog’s animal control number is 546-09.

Animal control manager John Drullinger encouraged owners who have lost their pets to take steps to recover it as soon as possible.

“The county animal ordinance requires us to hold a dog for just three days before it’s available to someone other than the owner, so they should check with us right away if they have a pet missing,” Drullinger said.

This hound mix is one of several dogs available for adoption or to be reclaimed by their owners at Fannin County Animal Control on Industrial Park Road in Blue Ridge.

All must receive a rabies vaccination and be spayed or neutered before the adoption process is completed.

For information on any of the dogs at Animal Control, or to check to see if a lost family pet has been picked up, call 706-632-3845.

Dogs currently available may also be viewed on the Internet at www.petfinder.com.

Source: TheNewsObserver.com

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