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Winter is an ideal time to work with your dog on control issues. Whether you have a hunting dog or just a playful house mutt, there comes a time when controlling your dog is critical to either protecting them from harm or becoming a better field partner.
There are two commands that are absolutely essential. The […]


Mike Bridges can’t recall a time when there wasn’t a hunting dog around the house.
His grandfather raised fox hounds and beagles, and growing up, Bridges owned a shepherd-collie mix that could tree squirrels with the best of them.
These days, Bridges raises feist dogs, the traditional terrier-type treeing dog of the Southern mountains.
“Feists are people dogs,” […]


Star-Exponent columnist Hope Smith’s op-ed Friday, “No matter what their purpose, dogs need our respect, too,” was a well written, thoughtful, and compassionate contribution to the opinion pages. Much to her credit, she directly but very diplomatically talked about her concerns over the issue of the mistreatment and neglect of hunting dogs.
Smith kept the tone […]


The phrase “man’s best friend” may never have been so true as it is for turkey hunters — fall turkey hunters, to be precise.
Hunters and dogs have been teaming up on fall turkeys in the mountains of southern Appalachia for generations. Due to a technicality in state statutes that classed wild turkeys as “big game,” […]


After four days of drizzling, misty rain and unseasonably cool weather the first day of the eastern deer season opened as one of those days outdoorsmen dream about.
For the deer hunters who chose to have their hounds chase the deer the conditions couldn’t have been more ideal. It was damp enough that the deer’s scent […]

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