Airedale Terrier

General Facts :

It is a large terrier with a harsh wiry coat and also a deep chest. The Airedale’s head is long and flat. The dog’s hair is resistant to dampness and it is also bristly. The dog has “V” shaped ears which are folded slightly to the side and also forward. It has a black nose and a high-carried tail. The dog’s coat is tan with black/dark grizzle markings.

These dogs have a hard and short-haired double coat. The dog’s legs, undersides, head, ears and chest are tan. In some cases, the tan expands to the shoulders region. Its coat is lined with a rather soft undercoat. Some of these dogs are born with eye problems, skin infections and dysphasia but overall, this is a rather healthy breed.

Origin :

This breed was created about 100 years ago in York, from the ancient Working Terrier. The Airedale also known as “The King of Terriers” was named after the Valley of the Aire, in England where there was a large number of small games. This dog was originally known as the Waterside Terrier. Later on, this breed was crossed with The Otterhound breed so that it would be a better swimmer.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 22 and 24 inches ( approximately 56 to 61 centimeters )
Weight : Between 50 an 65 pounds ( approximately 23 to 29 kilos )

Additional Information :

This dog is good with children if the dog socializes with them from an early age. This dog needs respect as well as love. The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent and loyal dog which will do everything in his power to pleasure its master. These dogs aren’t very difficult to train but keep in mind that they do not respond to harsh overbearing training techniques. This dog gets along with other household cats as well as other animals but they have the tendency to dominate other dogs.

These dogs were bred for active work and as a result, they need a lot of exercise ( especially in the first two years of life ). If you don’t pay him any attention he will become restless and very bored. This dog isn’t recommended for apartment living because they need space to run around so at least a medium-sized backyard is recommended. Their life expectancy is around 11-12 years.


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