Alano Espanol

General Facts :

The dog has a very dominant temperament and also quite serious but his master can control him with no problems. The dog is known to be very affectionate with family or people he has contact with on a daily basis. The dog has very strong front legs in comparison to the back ones. His paws are larger than other breeds which have a similar size or weight. The dog has a very strong, wide and powerful neck; the head is bulldog-shaped; the nose is black, wide and very strong.

The dog can very easily climb trees with a cat-like ability and is also able to leap to great heights while on a standing position. The dog shouldn’t be kept inside because he needs a lot of space; male dogs are more destructive in comparison to females. If you have this dog and you don’t use him for hunting then you should be aware that he needs a lot of exercise so take him for a walk at least three times a day.

Origin :

Many people relate this breed with the dogs that Alans brought when they conquered in the year 406 AC the Iberian Peninsula . The dog has been used in the past for war, big game hunting, bullfights and for defense. Nowadays it is used for cattle handling and of course, hunting. Some of the dog’s talents are: hunting and tracking, guarding, weight pulling and obedience.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 23 and 25 inches ( approximately 58 to 63 centimeters )
Weight : Between 75 an 89 pounds ( approximately 35 to 40 kilos )

Additional Information :

The dog should be bathed only when necessary. If you have this dog you should brush him occasionally so you won’t have any problems. The dog will do everything in his power to follow orders which is one of the dog main qualities. These dogs are loyal, devoted and known to be very hard working. It isn’t a very aggressive dog but he is very powerful and protective.

The dog is known to be very patient and good with kids. They rarely bark so you won’t have problems sleeping during the night. This breed always ignores pain, he won’t give up until he is told to do so, he is a very ambitious dog that does everything he can to satisfy his master.

Gallery :

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