American Staghound

General Facts :

The American Staghound shares its features with the Scottish Deerhound and the Greyhound but he isn’t recognized as a distinctive breed, he is a type of sighthound that hunters use for many types of game. A running dog that has the physical characteristics of the greyhound: long legs, strong muscles and a deep chest. The dog has very good visual acuity and some of these dogs were primarily bred for their scenting abilities.

The American Staghound comes in any assortment of color patterns that can be found in the Scottish Deerhound or the Greyhound. The dog comes in three types of coat, as follows: the “shag“ - which resembles to the Scottish Deerhound’s coat; the “slick“ - which resembles to the Greyhound’s coat; the “broken“ which is something in between. The dog is known for reaching speeds similar with the Greyhound’s but unlike most of the Greyhound’s, some of the Staghound’s have unbelievable endurance.

Origin :

The American Staghound was created by mixing the Scottish Deerhound with the Greyhound but he is not the direct progeny of these two dogs. Although primarily bred for hunting coyotes, the dog is used for hunting rabbit, deer and other animals as well.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 26 and 30 inches ( approximately 67 to 77 centimeters )
Weight : Between 55 an 90 pounds ( approximately 25 to 41 kilos )

Additional Information :

The American Staghound is very affectionate with its owner and is very calm around the house, making him a good dog with children. These dogs can be very good watchdogs thanks to their very good vision but they are not protective or guardians. Although they are remarkably fast, they aren’t very active, on the contrary, many people consider it to be a rather lazy dog. The dog is pack-oriented so he may accept other dogs but not cats.

These dogs aren’t recommended for apartment living as they are hyper active but they will do just fine in an urban setting if sufficiently exercised. They are best suited for the rural life and most of them are kept outdoors but can adapt to the indoor life as well. Regarding their health issues, they are sensitive to anesthesia. Due to torsion bloat concerns, these dogs shouldn’t be exercised after they ate a large meal. Their life expectancy is around 13 years.

Gallery :

American Staghound 1 American Staghound 2
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