Black & Tan Coonhound

General Facts :

Like most of the coonhounds it is a very strong, working dog. It is rather large and well-proportioned. The eyes are proeminent, dark brown or black. The ears are respectably long and are set medium low. The coonhound’s shoulders are muscular just like the back which is also short and a bit arched. The dog’s hips are round and smooth, just like his entire body : proportionately wide. Regarding the tail, it is quite heavy and it is carried freely.

The legs are muscular and straight at the knees. It has tight and well padded feet. It isn’t splay-footed or cat-footed. It has a deep chest which shows an immense lung space. Regarding the coat, it is quite glossy but thick enough to offer protection. Some dogs have a little white on breast, the rest is rich black.

Origin :

It was created by mixing the bloodhound with the foxhound. This was done in the U.S.A. , just like many other coonhound breeds. Well-known for its raccoon hunting efficiency, the dog can also be used to hunt other types of animals like the bear, deer but also opossum and mountain lion. The first dated recognition of the dog was made in the year 1945. These dogs have multiple talents like : hunting, watch dogging and tracking.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 23 and 27 inches ( approximately 58 to 68 centimeters )
Weight : Between 50 an 75 pounds ( approximately 22 to 34 kilos )

Additional Information :

This dog is a natural hunter, a very intelligent animal and loyal as well. He is well-known to be very gentle with people. Some of them are overprotective and have the tendency to be a little bit reserved with strangers. Just like the other coonhounds, you shouldn’t let him unsupervised as this dog will follow an interesting scent.

There are two types : show ( which are a bit larger and less energetic ) thus making them a good option for a pet; field ( which have a more developed hunting side ). Some of these dogs can be quite aggressive with other dogs. The life expectancy is about 10 to 12 years.

Gallery :

black and tan coonhound 1 black and tan coonhound 2
black and tan coonhound 3 black and tan coonhound 4
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