Bluetick Hound

General Facts :

Their legs are quite long and also muscular. Their eyesight is very good which proves to be very efficient at night. The tail is situated below where the ticking starts after the black line ends. The dog gets its coloring from the black and white mottling which resembles with the navy type of blue. The dog’s neck is arched and like the leg it is quite muscular. Their lips and flews cover the lower jaw. The dog has strong and well stretched hips and also well-sprung ribs not to mention quite large eyes which are set wide apart.

These animals have a strong instinct when it comes down to treeing animals. Each dog has its own unique howl which the hunter easily recognizes. They are very good at raccoon hunts but also they excel at fox or cougar. The breed is highly alert, very attentive and they can work on harsh environment and bad weather.

Origin :

Their origin is known to be in Louisiana . These dogs are thought to be bred basically from English foxhounds and Bleu Gascogne French hound. At first, these dogs were registered as English Foxhounds Coonhounds but later on in 1946 they were recognized as a separate breed.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 20 and 27 inches ( approximately 51 to 69 centimeters )
Weight : Between 45 and 80 pounds ( approximately 20 to 36 kilos )

Additional Information :

Like the Walker Coonhound, this type of breed isn’t recommended for apartment living as they have a lot of energy and can’t stand still all day in an apartment. They feel great in at least a large dimensioned yard but keep in mind that if they catch wind of a certain scent ( because these dogs have the tendency to follow their noises ) they may follow this scent for hours so be very attentive so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

These dogs are known to be loud barkers. They usually greet incoming strangers with their own unique howl, don’t confuse it with aggressiveness because this is just the way they say hello. Their life expectancy is about 11 to 12 years.

Gallery :

bluetick coonhound 1 bluetick coonhound 2
bluetick coonhound 3 bluetick coonhound 4
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