Deer Hunting Dogs

Deer hunting is one of the most popular hunting types in the United States. The excitement offered by this type of hunting has no rival. Using a dog for this type of hunting can come in hand and will certainly improve your overall efficiency if done properly. Although there are many types of hunting dogs, only a few can adapt at hunting deer ( with all subspecies ). Here are a few dogs that are efficient at this particular type of hunt:

deer hunting dogs 1

Scottish Deerhound - The Scottish Deerhound is known to be a very gentle dog that is very affectionate to people around him and has elegant ways of expressing its love. A very quiet and friendly dog, especially with children; the dog is very loyal and courageous but isn’t recommended for guarding other dogs. An interesting fact regarding this dog is that he has a rather unusual cry. The dog’s eyes are chestnut or hazel while the nose has a rather dark color. The dog can sometimes have problems obeying commands.Read more about the Scottish Deerhound here

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Drever - The Drever has a long, large and well-proportioned head. The dog has clear eyes and close-fitting eyelids. The forelegs are parallel and vertical although the dog is quite short. In comparison with the Dachshund, the Drever’s legs are straight. The coat is thick and flat all over the dog’s body. The coat color can come in many variations: black, fawn or black/tan but always with white markings on the face, neck, feet, tail tip and chest. The dog carries its tail with a downward curve.Read more about the Drever here

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Jindo - The Jindo’s coat comes in many color variations, such as: yellow, white, tan & white, tan, brindle, black & tan, red & white and red. The dog is medium-sized and originates from the Jindo Island in Korea. It shares many similarities with the Shiba Inu as well as the Akita. These dogs like to roam and are known for being free spirits. They aren’t recommended for inexperienced hunters because they have the tendency to be stubborn.Read more about the Jindo here

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Greyhound - The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world; it has a deep chest and a very flexible and curved spine. The dog has a long head; between the ears the dog’s skull is rather wide. The Greyhound’s ears are small and folded back; the eyes have a dark color and the neck is long and quite graceful. The dog carriers its tail low and has a short and smooth coat which comes basically in all colors. These dogs are known for the fact that they rarely bark.Read more about the Greyhound here

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Black Mouth Cur - The Black Mouth Cur is a very muscular, rugged and sturdy breed. The dog’s coat comes in a wide variety of yellow shades, brindle and fawns. Some dogs are born with a heavier coat while others are born with a lighter one. This difference between coats can appear even in the same litter. The dog’s muzzle is black or tan and in some cases, in the same color as the coat. The dog has hanging medium-sized ears.Read more about the Black Mouth Cur here

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