Duck Hunting Dogs

Have you ever considered duck hunting? If you haven’t, you should as it can be a fresh new experience that you haven’t tried before, totally different in comparison with the other hunting adventures you have had before. If you do plan on going duck hunting, using a highly trained duck dog will surely improve your overall hunting efficiency. We offer you 4 dogs that are known for duck hunts:

Duck Hunting Dogs 1

American Water Spaniel - The American Water Spaniel is a very good swimmer and is the perfect choice for hunting in difficult waters but also woods or uneven terrain. The American Water Spaniel has a crisp-textured, tightly cured coat lined with a protective undercoat. The coat colors can be liver/chocolate and sometimes the dogs can have a small white spot on their chest. The dog has a medium-length muzzle that is smooth and square. The American Water Spaniel has either a black or dark nose and an eye color that should match the coat color ( shades of brown/hazel ).Read more about the American Water Spaniel here

Duck Hunting Dogs 2

Curly-Coated Retriever - The Curly-Coated Retriever is a large breed, an athletic retriever that has a distinctive crisp curly coat that is thick and comes in a black or a live-colored shade. The coat protects the dog from icy waters and brambles. The dog’s little curs can be found even on the small-sized ears, the neck, the tail and the back of the head; only the front of the legs, face and hocks are smooth. The Curly-Coated Retriever is an agile, strong, elegant and graceful dog that is easily trainable and known for its intelligence.Read more about the Curly-Coated Retriever here

Duck Hunting Dogs 3

Kooikerhondje - These dogs have unique coats that take even 2 years to fully develop but are easy to take care of as only regular brushing is needed. A 4-6 months old Kooikerhondje will lose its baby teeth which will be replaced with adult teeth. The male dogs are sexually capable at the age of 9 months while the bitches come in their first heat between 6-12 months. These dogs are quite affectionate, perfect for the family life as they love children and like being around them.Read more about the Kooikerhondje here

Duck Hunting Dogs 4

Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever - The Nova Scotia Duck has sturdy and solid legs, capable of running for hours without getting tired. This dog is very devoted to the family, a sensitive breed that is excellent as a companion dog. These dogs are known to be very intelligent that’s why training them is rather easy; they are also good with children. Their swimming abilities are quite impressive, few dogs can face this breed. A very working breed that will do everything in its power to please its master, excellent for duck hunting.Read more about the Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever here

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