English Foxhound

General Facts :

The English Foxhound is an elegant hound with a wide skull and a long muzzle. It has a long neck and very strong hindquarters. The dog has large brown eyes that have a very sweet and gentle expression. The dog’s ears lay flat to the head. It has literally straight legs with round cat-like feet. Regarding the coat, it is short and easy to broom and it comes in tri-color ( black, white & tan ) or in some cases bi-color.

The English Foxhound’s tail is kept high and its ears are pendant. The dog is known to be very active and courageous, a real passionate hunter, capable of adapting to any given environment. These dogs are very good with other children but they prefer being around other animals. Regarding their stamina, they can run for hours without showing any signs of exhaustion.

Origin :

The English Foxhound was created by mixing the Greyhound, Bulldog and the Fox Terrier. They are primarily bred for fox hunts, not many dogs are efficient at this type of hunting as the English Foxhound is. The dog was used in the past in packs to hunt fox; they have a highly developed smell ability. Some of the dog’s talents include hunting, watchdogging, agility and last but not least, tracking.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 22 and 25 inches ( approximately 56 to 63 centimeters )
Weight : Between 65 and 70 pounds ( approximately 29 to 32 kilos )

Additional Information :

In comparison with the American Foxhound, the English Foxhound is a little bit stockier and slower but in personality and compartment, they are similar. There aren’t any health problems regarding this breed. These dogs aren’t recommended for apartment living that is why they should be kept in a fenced medium-sized yard where they can run around. The dog inherited its speed during chases from the Greyhound and the Bulldog.

They need to be exercised a lot, otherwise they aren’t very happy. It is highly advisable to keep him in a leash because they have the tendency to take off after any interesting scent. The English Foxhound is a versatile dog, good both for family life but also for hunting purposes. Regarding their coat, it should be brushed with a firm bristle brush, occasional shampooing is necessary as well. Their life expectancy is around 10 years.

Gallery :

English Foxhound 1 English Foxhound 2
English Foxhound 3 English Foxhound 4
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