English Setter

General Facts :

The English Setter is a beautiful and elegant dog that has a unique speckled coat and a flat, silky long hair that is a bit wavy. Regarding the speckling, this may be more or less heavy and the markings come in any size. The dog’s coat comes in white with blue, orange, brown or lemon speckling. Some of these dogs are tri-colored ( blue & white & brown ). The dog has a long head with a pronounced frontal stop.

The English Setter’s muzzle is about half the total length of the head and is fairly square. The dog has large and brilliant hazel-colored eyes that have a very sweet expression. The nose is dark and the moderate pendant ears have a velvety tip. The dog’s legs, tail and ears are all heavily fringed just like the underside. It has a deep but not so wide chest and a straight tail.

Origin :

The English Setter was developed in France in the year 1500 by mixing the Spanish pointer with the French pointer. It was brought to Great Britain three centuries later where it was truly developed by a very intelligent breeder named Sir Edward Laverack.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 24 and 27 inches ( approximately 61 to 69 centimeters )
Weight : Between 55 an 80 pounds ( approximately 25 to 36 kilos )

Additional Information :

The English Setter is known to be a very gentle and friendly dog that is excellent with children and absolutely loves affection. The dog is relatively inactive indoors but very enthusiastic and lively outdoors. These dogs can be willful and difficult to housebreak that is why training should start from an early age in order to avoid the development of bad habits. They enjoy roaming and are good jumpers and diggers.

The English Setter needs lots of companionship and enjoys playing with other dogs. The dog tends to be vocal and if not discouraged early in life he might turn out to be a nuisance barker. Some of these dogs have the tendency to drool but not as intense as the Mastiff type dogs do. Regarding their health problems, they shouldn’t be overfed because they have the tendency to gain weight easily. They are prone to hip dysplasia and the female Setters are prone to false pregnancies. Their life expectancy is around 11 years.

Gallery :

English Setter 1 English Setter 2
English Setter 3 English Setter 4
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