Goose Hunting Dogs

Goose Hunting Dogs 1

Border Collie - The Border Collie is a medium-sized energetic dog that looks similar with the Australian Shepherd but without a bobtail. The dog’s body is a little bit longer than the height at the withers. The skull is fairly wide with a distinct stop while the muzzle tapers to the black nose. The dog’s oval eyes are usually dark-brown colored except in merles where they may be blue. The border Collie comes in two varieties: one with coarse hair ( straight, thick and about 3 inches long ) and the other one with sleek hair ( about 1 inch long ).Read more about the Border Collie here

Goose Hunting Dogs 2

English Springer Spaniel - The English Springer Spaniel is a gently and friendly sociable dog that loves being around children. He is known to be a very intelligent and skillful dog with many other great qualities, such as: hunting, tracking, watchdogging, retrieving, willingness and obedience. These dogs enjoy staying in water but they shouldn’t be left alone for a long period of time because they can easily get into trouble and they have the tendency to bark a lot.Read more about the English Springer Spaniel here

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Golden Retriever - The Golden Retriever is a sturdy and beautiful dog with a well-proportioned body and a golden-colored coat. The dog’s outer coat is water-repellent and the undercoat is dense. The Golden Retriever’s head is broad with a wide and powerful tapering muzzle. The dog has a scissors bite and a clear frontal stop. The nose is black-colored and the brown with dark rims eyes have a kind expression. The dog has a long tail that is never curled. The Golden Retriever has medium-sized ears that are pendant and muscular thighs just like the neck.Read more about the Golden Retriever here

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