Lithuanian Hound

General Facts :

The Lithuanian Hound is a muscular and heavy boned dog with a glossy back coat and few tan markings. The dog has a long tail, set low. The Lithuanian Hound has a quite large head and medium sized brown eyes. The muzzle is also medium sized and so is the entire body. The dog has strong feet, round shaped and it has compact toes. The neck is considerably long, quite strong with no dewlap. The Lithuanian Hound is a very muscular and robust dog, very well proportioned.

The Lithuanian Hound has a very impressive eye sight and it is recommended for hunting boars and foxes. The dog has a very beautiful voice; one of the most energetic dogs out there and with excellent movement abilities. An important aspect of the dog’s abilities is that he won’t give up while hunting, he is very persistent and will do everything in his power to please his master.

Origin :

It was created by the Lithuanian hunters by crossing their local big game hounds with other hounds, such as: Beagles, Polish Hounds, Bloodhounds and later on with the Russian Hound. This dog was created so that it will bring to life the original Curlandish Hounds, which at a certain time in the past, were associated with the famous Latvian Hound.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 21 and 24 inches ( approximately 53 to 61 centimeters )
Weight : Between 60 an 75 pounds ( approximately 27 to 32 kilos )

Additional Information :

The Lithuanian Hound is excellent for boar hunting and it is recommended by most of the experienced hunters due to the fact that it is a very fast, energetic and agile dog. Stamina is one of his strongest points due to the fact that he won’t run out of energy very fast. Also, it is a very ambitious dog, very eager to satisfy his master.

He is known to be very pleasant around family and people which he observes on a daily basis. The Lithuanian Hound needs a lot of exercise so it is advisable to keep him in a yard, medium sized at least. If you keep him in a house, you will have to take him out at least 2-3 times a day. The dog has a an all-weather coat which is easy to groom. Brushing should be done occasionally.

Gallery :

lithuanian hound
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