General Facts :

The Lurcher has a short-sized coat and a very smooth undercoat that thickens during the winter time. The dog has long, straight legs and a deep chest which provides lung capacity for endurance. He has small and dark eyes that are round and alert. The wire-haired ears are small and set high. Due to the fact that the Lurcher is derived directly from sighthound crosses, the color variations are rich. A long-haired variety of this dog is also available. The dog is known for the fact that it can learn commands quite easily.

The Lurcher is a very lovable, affectionate dog but owners must be attentive as these dogs are known for their escaping abilities. They are fun-loving, high-energy dogs that need to run on a daily basis. These dogs have inherited fast agile movements and strong hunting instincts from the sighthound crosses.

Origin :

The Lurcher breed was created in Ireland and the Great Britain by the Irish gypsies in the 1600s. They were primarily used for poaching rabbits and hares as well as other small-sized creatures. Often not considered a breed because it is more like a crossbreed, usually three quarters sighthound.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 27 and 30 inches ( approximately 69 to 76 centimeters )
Weight : Between 60 an 70 pounds ( approximately 27 to 32 kilos )

Additional Information :

The Lurcher is a very good obedient dog that is excellent for the outdoor type families as they are gentle with people, making them a loveable companion. These dogs aren’t recommended for the apartment life as they have great stamina resources and they need to run in order to consume the energy. They will do better in a safe enclosed area where they have the possibility to run free.

Due to the fact that the Lurcher is three quarters sighthound, he is a very fast dog, a natural born racer that will chase and kill the small game prey. There aren’t any health problems that owners should be aware of. Regarding grooming, both the short-haired and the long-haired variety of the dog should be combed and brushed on a regular basis. Some of them are constant shedders while other Lurchers are average shedders. Their life expectancy is around 13 years.

Gallery :

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