Miniature Fox Terrier

General Facts :

The Miniature Fox Terrier is a small and agile sweet faced terrier that has inherited the qualities of its larger terrier cousins. Native in Australia, it is also known as the Mini Foxie. The dog has a distinctive head with erect ears which either stand up straight or they fold just at the tips. They come in three color combinations: black & white, tan & white and black & white & tan. Just like all other Terriers, this dog can’t distinguish between pet rodents and vermin and it is advisable to not let them alone with these animals.

The Miniature Fox Terrier is a very loyal and active dog, also known to be very inquisitive and fearless. These dogs have a dual personality: the next second they get suspicious they turn instantly into a fearless watchdog, a tenacious varmint killer and intrepid hunter. In the rest of the time, this dog is calm, a real demure and pampered lapdog. These dogs are very good with children but also other dogs.

Origin :

The dogs have been bred in Australia since the 1800s. They are the descendants of the Fox Terrier types which were bred in England and later on brought to Australia by early settlers. They dogs were created by crossing the Small Smooth Fox Terrier and the Manchester ( Gentleman’s ) Terrier. Breeders were looking for a fast and light dog that was similar with the Fox Terrier.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 9 and 12 inches ( approximately 26 to 31 centimeters )
Weight : Between 3.5 and 7 pounds ( approximately 1.5 to 3 kilos )

Additional Information :

These dogs are known to be very adaptable to any given environment and they can easily adjust to the city/country life. They are popular for being a safe family dog, very good around children. These dogs have a short coat that needs regular brushing to maintain it in a good shape. They enjoy playing with toys and they are a delight to look at when they are having fun.

These dogs don’t have any health problems and they have a long life expectancy ( up to 14 years ). They need to be exercised daily, so taking the dog for a walk on a daily basis is recommended. Being such a versatile dog, they are recommended both as a pet dog but also as a hunting dog.

Gallery :

Miniature Fox Terrier 1 Miniature Fox Terrier 2
Miniature Fox Terrier 3 Miniature Fox Terrier 4
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