Mountain View Cur

General Facts :

The Mountain View Cur is a very healthy breed with no genetic deformities. About half of these dogs are born bobtailed while the other half are docked after a few days. Although their “parents” are the original Mountain Curs, they have few resemblances; in almost all cases they are born without dew-claws and those who have them, they should have them be removed right after birth. These dogs are known to be very fast which can be a very important thing when you are out there hunting.

The Mountain View Cur has a very good disposition and absolutely loves children. They are known to be very protective with family but also property. They will do everything in their power to please you. Although this dog was bred for hunting squirrel and raccoon, they are very efficient for boar hunting. Also, due to the fact that these dogs are very intelligent and have a developed scenting ability and self control they are used for search and rescue; the police has these dogs for drug controls.

Origin :

These dogs were developed for a long period of time, entire generations of very strict selection and also line breeding, starting with the original Mountain Cur. Nowadays they are known to be the purebreds but also thoroughbreds of the cur dog world due to the uniformity as an entire breed.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 18 and 26 inches ( approximately 46 to 66 centimeters )
Weight : Between 30 an 60 pounds ( approximately 16 to 29 kilos )

Additional Information :

The dog needs a lot of exercise because it is a very active breed. Although these dogs are perfect as a companion, they aren’t recommended for apartment living; these dogs are bred for hunting purposes, and also for working and they feel comfortable outside, in the wilderness. The dog enjoys outdoor activities and also sports.

Approximately 70% of these dogs are semi silent trailers, another 20% are silent while the rest of the 10% are open trailers on raccoon; but they will do just fine for boar hunting and not only that but also bear and lion. The dog should be bathed only when necessary and brushing should be done occasionally in order to remove loose and dead hair. Their life expectancy is 12 to 16 years.

Gallery :

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