Native American Indian Dog

General Facts :

The Native American Indian dog comes in two different sizes and two hair coat lengths and also, two different color combinations. The color variations in which these dogs come is ranging from sliver to black. This dog has a dense and short hair coat that is two layers thick being water and wind proof. The Native American Indian Dog has prick and upright ears; a head broad that is wide between the dog’s eyes with an angular-shaped head.

Regarding their eyes, their color variations range from brown to amber and they have an intelligent expression. Like the Siberian Husky or the Alaskan Malamute, the tail is tightly curled. This breed has no genetic health problems or defects. This dog has a hypoallergenic coat; These dogs are known to be very intelligent and loyal; very easy to train and they want to please their master at all costs. Very sensitive animals that are good with children and other animals.

Origin :

This breed is very rare with risks of extinction; it was used by the native Americans to pack a backpack filled with family possessions and to pull travois. Back in the days, these dogs were used for hunting all sorts of games, ranging from moose to rabbit; an interesting aspect, they were taught even how to fish so as you can see it is a very versatile dog, capable of adapting to any given environment.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 23 and 34 inches ( approximately 58 to 67 centimeters )
Weight : Between 55 an 120 pounds ( approximately 25 to 55 kilos )

Additional Information :

These dogs aren’t recommended for apartment living or a housedog because they need a wide area ( obligatory fenced ) in which they can play and run. If you do lock him in a crate, the Native American Indian Dog will believe that he is being punished, not knowing what he has done to deserve this. They need moderate exercise but their need for this can range from dog to dog.

Some people affirm that the original Native American Indian dogs have been extinct and they say that all dogs that are sold under this name are simple recreations. Thanks to the fact that they have webbed feet, these dogs are capable of pulling large and heavy loads and have very good swimming abilities.

Gallery :

Native American Indian Dog 1 Native American Indian Dog 2
Native American Indian Dog 3 Native American Indian Dog 4
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