Rabbit Hunting Dogs

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 1

Lurcher - The Lurcher has a short-sized coat and a very smooth undercoat that thickens during the wintertime. The dog has long, straight legs and a deep chest which provides lung capacity for endurance. The dog has small and dark eyes that are round and alert. The wire-haired ears are small and set high. Due to the fact that the Lurcher is derived directly from sighthound crosses, the color variations are rich. A long-haired variety of this dog is also available. The dog is known for the fact that it can learn commands quite easily.Read more about the Lurcher here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 2

Scottish Terrier - The Scottish Terrier is a sturdy small-sized dog that has short legs and the way he was groomed, makes him look even shorter. Despite his small size, he is a surprisingly strong animal that is both agile and active. He has a course, compact coat with a very soft undercoat that protects him during the bad weather. The coat usually comes in black but the color can be also wheaten or brindle of any color. The Scottish Terrier has a thoughtful look thanks to its sharply pricked ears. The dog enjoys living in cool climates but will adapt very easily to any given environment.Read more about the Scottish Terrier here

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier - The dog has a solid head that is covered with a unique silky topknot. The head is quite large but still proportioned with the rest of the body and it has a strong forehead, a black nose and a defined stop. He is longer than he is tall and it has short and muscular legs. The Dinmont’s teeth meet in a scissor bite and are quite large taking into consideration the size of the dog. The dog’s ears are 3 up to 4 inches long and are wide near the head, tapering almost to a point.Read more about the Dandie Dinmont Terrier here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 4

Large Münsterländer - These dogs have a dense and long coat, neither coarse nor curly. The dog has feathers on the ears, tail, hind and front legs. The male Münsterländer has a larger head than the female Münsterländer and he also has longer hair on the chest and slightly more feathering. When he is in the standing position, the dog’s extended hind feet stand in a right angle to the ground. The dog carries its tail horizontally and has an elegant gait.Read more about the Large Munsterlander here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 5

Norwegian Elkhound - This is a medium-sized squarely built dog with incredible stamina resources, capable of running and hunting all day long. The Norwegian Elkhound has a unique gray color double coat with lighter undersides and undercoat. The dog’s ears, tail and muzzle are black. The hound has strong jaws and very mobile ears. Regarding their eyes, their color is dark brown and have a friendly expression.Read more about the Norwegian Elkhound here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 6

Patterdale Terrier - Also known as the Black Fell Terrier, the dog has a short, broken, coarse coat that sometimes might be wiry and comes in the following color variations: red, black & tan, brown, black or white. The dog’s eyes are inquisitive, face is thickset and the widely spaced ears are high set and they hang in “V“ shaped folds. In comparison with the other terriers, the Patterdale’s well-built body is a little bit thicker and it resembles with the Bull Terrier. The dog has solid legs that have medium-sized feet and sable pads.Read more about the Patterdale Terrier here

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Portuguese Hound - The dog comes in three sizes: the large ( Grande ), the medium ( Medio ) and the small ( Pequeno ). The medium-sized Portuguese Hound is a moderately-sized sighthound that has a well-proportioned head with a flat skull and a pronounced stop. The nose is usually brown but there are some cases in which it could be black. The dog has large ears that are naturally upright, shaped like a triangle and very mobile. The dog’s muzzle is straight and the chest is prominent and quite muscular.Read more about the Portuguese Hound here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 8

American Staghound - The dog shares its features with the Scottish Deerhound and the Greyhound but he isn’t recognized as a distinctive breed, he is a type of sighthound that hunters use for many types of game. A running dog that has the physical characteristics of the greyhound: long legs, strong muscles and a deep chest. The dog has very good visual acuity and some of these dogs were primarily bred for their scenting abilities.Read more about the American Staghound here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 9

American Water Spaniel - The dog has a crisp-textured, tightly cured coat lined with a protective undercoat. The coat colors can be liver/chocolate and sometimes the dogs can have a small white spot on their chest. The dog has a medium-length muzzle that is smooth and square. The American Water Spaniel has either a black or dark nose and an eye color that should match the coat color ( shades of brown/hazel ).Read more about the American Water Spaniel here

Rabbit Hunting Dogs 10

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - It is a small-sized rustic dog that has a harsh and wiry coat with shaggy eyebrows, mustache and beard. The dog has a double coat: the inner coat is for warming purposes and it is soft. The rough single coat protects the PBGV when he is hunting in thick underbrush. The dog comes in white with markings in any of these colors: orange, tri-color, yellow, grizzle and black. The dog is approximately 50% longer than tall and the tail tapers are carried alert and high.Read more about the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen here

The right hunting dog can help lead you on the perfect hunt, taking you straight to the targeted animal. However once that prize has been taken down the dog can do very little in helping get it back home. With that in mind a hunter is never fully prepared unless he has the right transportation. Such an example would be the Polaris Razor 900 - it can surely help you get home, together with your beloved dog(s) and prize!

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