Rat Terrier

General Facts:

This type of dog is a very well muscled dog with strong shoulders and powerful legs. The dog has a deep chest and a solid neck. The Rat’s body is compact but meaty. The dog carries its ears erect when he is in alert; the ears can be tipped or upright. These dogs are born with a either a short tail or a full length tail. There are several color combinations of their coat: pearls, chocolates, sables, solid red, tri-spotted, red brindle, red and white, blue and white and black & tan.

The Rat Terrier is a loving and alert dog. Those who like an energetic dog will like the Rat Terrier as this affectionate dog is a great companion. These dogs are good with children, especially if they socialize when they are pups. The Rat Terrier is friendly with strangers and they are only a bit territorial. Very playful and quick dogs.

Origin :

These dogs were developed in Great Britain by mixing the Smooth Fox Terriers with the Manchester Terriers around the year 1820. The dog got its name from Teddy Roosevelt. They arrived in United States in the late 1890s. During that period, all dogs were black and tan. This dog is a hard working farm hand and it can eliminate all vermin problems easily.

Dimensions :

Height : Between 14 and 23 inches ( approximately 35 to 58 centimeters )
Weight : Between 12 and 35 pounds ( approximately 5 to 16 kilos )

Additional Information :

These dogs are eager to please and they will respond and answer to training techniques faster than most of the other dog breeds. It is a well rounded and well mannered dog. They like following you and do what you do. They have no problems with the water, on the contrary, they are very good swimmers. They are prefect as farm dogs but also as a pet. The Rat Terrier is an easy to groom breed, occasional brushing is necessary in order to remove the dead hair.

This dog is used for hunting purposes but also he will work well as a terrier; very good watch dogs. They can adjust to any family without problems. Unlike many other hunting breeds, this dog can stay in an apartment with the condition that he is exercised at least 20 minutes per day. Their life expectancy is around 15-18 years.

Gallery :

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