Scottish Terrier

General Facts :

The Scottish Terrier is a sturdy small-sized dog that has short legs and the way he was groomed, makes him look even shorter. Despite his small size, he is a surprisingly strong animal that is both agile and active. He has a course, compact coat with a very soft undercoat that protects him during the bad weather. The coat usually comes in black but the color can be also wheaten or brindle of any color. The Scottish Terrier has a thoughtful look thanks to its sharply pricked ears. The dog enjoys living in cool climates but will adapt very easily to any given environment.

The dog has a large nose and teeth with a stop between the skull and the muzzle. The Scottish Terrier has dark eyes that are almond-shaped and a remarkably muscular neck. The dog carriers its medium-length tail straight or just a bit curved. A very alert and brave dog that is very lovable and protective. These dogs are quite charming and they don’t lack character. When they are puppies, they are friendly and playful but when they reach adulthood they turn into dignified adults.

Origin :

The Scottish Terrier was created in the 18th century in Scotland but the present dog we know dates from the year 1890. The dog was first called the Aberdeen Terrier ( after the Scottish town that had the same name ).

Dimensions :

Height : Between 10 and 11 inches ( approximately 25 to 28 centimeters )
Weight : Between 19 an 23 pounds ( approximately 9 to 11 kilos )

Additional Information :

These dogs make very good watchdogs but they have the tendency to be stubborn but with gentle and firm handling, owners won’t encounter any problems. A very intelligent and lively dog that has a reliable temperament but doesn’t welcome interlopers and isn’t interested in basically anyone outside his family. The Scottish Terrier likes to do the following things: dig, bark, walk and play ball games. He is known to be a very independent and home loving dog.

The Scottish Terrier will do just fine living in an apartment but they need their regular daily walk otherwise they will be unhappy. They should be bathed and shampooed only when necessary. Regarding their health problems, some of these dogs are prone to Scottie Camp ( a movement problem ), flea allergy, jaw problems, skin issues and Von Willebrand’s disease. Their life expectancy is around 14 years.

Gallery :

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