ELK RIVER, ID. - A Worley hunter says three of his hound dogs along with a friend’s dog were killed by a pack of wolves last Thursday near Elk River, Idaho.

Bear hunting is Bill Greenlee’s passion. He’s been doing it for decades and says success boils down to having the right hounds. And he was hunting with his hounds last Thursday in the woods near Elk River.

“We were up there and the dogs struck a bear, they smelled the scent and started barking,” he said.

“I heard them up going over the hill and then suddenly everything went silent. Bill was up there, three of the dogs got in there and then got the hell outta there,” hunter Joseph Melson said.

Four hound dogs came across more than just a bear; Bill and Joseph believe they were killed by a pack of wolves.

“Sis was seven-years-old, Whitey was eight-years-old and Squirt was five-years-old and I raised them from pups,” Greenlee said.

“Annie Oakley got her last winter, she was a gift from my dad,” Melson added.

One lone wolf was seen leaving the area and Bill reported the attack to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

“There was more than one wolf there because three females were killed within a 30 foot circle,” Greenlee said.

Reports of livestock and dog kills aren’t new to the area. Fish and Game reports wolves killed 11 dogs between January and august of this year while last year wolves killed 14 dogs. Wolves are something Greenlee and Melson try and avoid when they’re out looking for game.

“If we go in there and find a wolf track, we go the other way,” Greenlee said.

Now Bill Greenlee’s plan is to invest in new hounds but replacing them won’t come cheap or easy. The dogs he lost were like family.

“It’s hard, oh yeah. I’m trying to keep from crying … it’s hard.”

Source: KXLY.com


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